forever young

I describe myself as “forever young” as one reason is that I look younger for my age. (I even got rejected for a job application cause they don’t believe on how old I am. I don’t think it’s my fault that I look young).

It’s a compliment that people says I look younger than my age but sometimes, I wish the number they’re saying matches on how old I really am. I kind’a regret that I didn’t enjoy much of my youthful years especially my teenage years. Yes I had fun but not like how I want it to be. I want some things that I can’t do because of money matters. That’s the reason why I have a lot listed in my bucketlist but I really don’t know if there will be a time that I can still do those stuffs or that it will just remain a wish. Examples are: scooba diving with friends, sky diving and the like. How can I even do that when I don’t have money? I’ll just draw it? Me and friends having those adventures and have it framed? LOL. But seriously, I still want to do a lot with my life. I just don’t know how since yeah, I’m broke. I don’t have a job. Here where I live, it’s so hard to find a job. It’s recession. I’m done with a bachelor degree 2 years ago but what? LOL. When I’m txting with my friends/sisters like (college buddies) and we’re talking about what we should do about our lives, we can’t even figure it out. LOL. We did tried a lot of times for job haunting. Got it then decided to quit. LOL.

Now I think I’m experiencing a quarter life crisis. Everyday upon looking at the blue sky and reminiscing about my happy days in the past, I’m thinking if it can happen again. Me with my friends. Being fools and crazy but fun. We have our own lives and some of them got lucky and busy with their jobs. I don’t envy them though. I miss them. That’s what I’m feeling. The thought of me being with all of them once again excites me. Like I’m having an adrenalin rush. I think others can relate to what I’m feeling if they haven’t seen their friends for a long time.

Those girls knows how to have fun especially if there’s alcohol in the table. I’m saying they are these drunken masters but yeah, they drink. LOL. I love them still. They even managed to have me drink with them though I refuse. Those are called when will sometimes will happen again find of thing since I’m allergic to alcoholic beverages. They like make up, being pretty (as they’re all pretty) and walking with those girls in the cat walk gives me confident that I look good too. 🙂 See, the benefits of having such great frinds. When you feel ugly, they’ll say how stupid you are first but will cheer you up later on.

Parties? Ah, I think they’re experts. LOL. I want to party with them again soon. Aww, time flies so fast. I can’t even remeber when did I last danced on the dance floor. And my partner was once a friend. A gay friend. My escapee partners at night just to party. Yes, I’ve been in those stages too. Giving out reasons why you need to go out. i think everyone has done that if not, then are you even human? LOL. You must be really a so called very good kid.

I think I had the vanity syndrome cause of them. They’re vains! Oh well, it can’t be helped! They’re all pretty and yeah, taking pictures was our one way of having fun. I even remembered they have this silly thing called “red lipstick campaign”. (I don’t apply make up and they keep insisting I should apply it too. But the hell, I believe in natural beauty. 🙂

In facebook, we even had fun times such as posting movie lines, being drama queens, cheering each other cause of being down though the reason was very shallow. Oh well, I love them. Crying over the movies, cheering them up over their love problems, reviewing together when we have exams, enjoying our lunch break and our favorite chicken strips in Autoville and Mommey’s fried isaw. Ahh, those fun food trips and so called group studying. I miss all of it. 😦

I want to have a roadtrip with them. Have adventures with my cray friends. With my sisters who brought happiness to my boring life. Please take me back to my college years. I missed it so much! Except having exams and projects and all stuffs that will stressed me to death. You can have that skipped.

Those precious memories that kept me smiling. Thinking of it lightens my feelings and I hope someday, something good will happen that we will be able to see each other again. Have fun times, tell stupid stories we’ve done and just laugh it off.

So to all those kids who acts like they’re old enough to handle themselves, please STOP. Enjoy it while you’re young. Enjoy your youth. Have fun and don’t act like you’re all grown up.


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