I’m an addict. A coffee addict!

Before I’ll start my blog entry regarding the subject: I’m an addict. A coffee addict!, I would just like to inform you guys that I’ve updated my blog and I want to start a brand new one. Something interesting and that I won’t limit what’s on my mind and I’ll speak my heart, mind and even lungs out regarding on it.

So here we go.

Before even Starbucks dominated the planet, I’m into coffee already. But as far as I remembered, I got hooked to it when I was already in College. You know the life of being a College student especially when it’s about projects, thesis, exams and feasibility studies. You really have to stress yourself to the point where being “sleepless” occurs. Yes! Coffee has been my remedy.

Also, coffee has been my “power” when I really need to kept awake due to one reason: need to listen to my favorite DJ at my favorite radio station! Sounds lame? But the heck! That DJ is so cool, awesome and very smart and witty. I’ve even set an alarm if I’m already asleep so that I’ll be awake to listen on that DJ and I’m even txting with my friends/classmates as we are talking about what we’re listening on the radio. Ah yeah, that’s how fun it is. The DJ is also good about giving advices: love, life and he has a portion about revealing your experience called “wild confession.” (you know what I’m talking about, don’t play dumb) If that’s already the portion, it’s a miracle that I’ve got to listen to the first caller. Yes, there’s a caller that’s telling their stories about their lives (love or whatever problem that they have but the first portion is about love) and experience/s. The DJ is so funny when he’s already yelling at the caller cause he’s giving his advice but the caller kept on saying “but, because and the like.” He’ll say that, why did you call if you’re not going to what I’m saying!! (his advice)

So that’s one of my hobbies way back then when I’m still a College student. But even after graduating, I already adopted the habbit of having a coffee. There’s even a time where I think the percentage of my body having coffee is bigger than my blood. Lol. :p That’s cause I’m even txting with the friends and they were asking how many cups of coffee have I already intake? I can even have 3 in a day. They were like, lame! cause one of them can have 5 cups in a day! O.O

Coffee has been my remedy at work too but sometimes, cause of the time at work, I even felt that drinking coffee has no use. I’ll feel more sleepy! That work seriously messed up my body clock! It’s cause I work all night and sleep all day. Yes, my world is upsidedown for 6 months. Good thing I’m still alive.. yeah, but barely breathing. 😛

So, speaking of Starbucks, my favorite flavors are mocha and choco flip something.


(first picture is that i’m with my co-workers and still having coffee after work; second one is that i had coffee on the way home; third one is dropping by at one of Starbucks’ branches in our area and decided to stay for wifi purposes.)

I hope that I will have followers who also loves coffee too. Oh, by the way, I only like iced-cold coffee and frappe types. 🙂 I also know how to mix/make coffee’s. One of my dreams is to learn the latte art!


(just look at these awesome latte art! that’s only a few but i super love the 3rd picture!)

Cheers to all coffee addicts/lovers like me!! Spread the caffeine babies! :*